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Care Home In Stoke

We provide residential and respite care to elderly residents. Based in Stoke we can provide support and care to service users who require help in their daily living.

Welcome to Alison House,

With many years experience, the management of Alison House Care Home prides itself on offering a highly professional care service for the elderly, with a personal touch.

We are pleased to accept residents for long term, short term for convalescence and holiday stays. We are registered to take older people over 65, frail older people, elderly with mental disorder and / or dementia.

When people have worked hard throughout their life and have often been committed to helping others, we think they deserve extra cherishing. They need a home where individuality is emphasised, with staff that have time to give attention to small detail, and where they have the choice of enjoying company of like-minded fellow residents.

What to expect at Alison House

We like to think we’re different to other care homes because of the little things.

Making Time

Our staff always make time for our residents so they feel valued and never feel lonely or bored.

Outdoor Activities

By giving residents time outdoors we aim to help improve their mental health.

Personal Care

Giving our residents the opportunity to look better helps them also feel better.

Tailored Care

We provide care which is tailored to the needs and requirements of our residents.

Guidance and Support

It’s not easy to decide which care home to place your loved one into. There are countless things to think about and you will probably have many questions. Don’t worry, we are here to offer you guidance and support.

Simply call us on 01782 632698 or use our contact form and a trained professional will be happy to assist you.

What makes Alison House

Come to experience a different type of care.

Helpful staff

Just ask if you need anything and someone will be on hand to support and guide you.

Nurturing & peaceful

We promote a calm and relaxing environment to help our patients through their day.

Happy to talk

Sometimes just sitting together to talk can help you get things off your chest and feel better.

Well trained

We pride ourselves on excellent training to give our staff the extra support they need.


At Alison House we feel that our loved one is taken care and in a safe environment where they are free to express themselves. We recommend Alison House highly to families in the Stoke on Trent area.


I find the staff at Alison House caring and always ready to listen to whatever my concerns or needs are. The manager and support staff are all eager to help out whenever I have an issue and keep me informed.